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About Me

Hello, I am Eduardo!

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Throughout my career:

  • I have developed more than fifteen personal projects using Unity.

  • In 2017 I created a roadmap to improve the design of the mobile game Idle Miner Tycoon from the Berlin-based Kolibri Games studio.

  • In 2018 I developed the concept of a game that promotes the care of water for the Water Secretariat of Mexico City (SACMEX).

  • In 2019 I participated in the digital games workshop (LEIVA) organized by the National Center of Arts in Mexico City.

  • In late 2019 I started studying a Masters degree in Digital Games at the University of Malta.

  • In 2021 I wrote a book about game design and created an online course for

  • In 2022 I developed 12 interactive applications for the
    California Vaquero Museum located in South Baja California, Mexico.


My specific game development abilities range from programming to level and economy design. However, I describe myself as a generalist


Love teaching and want to contribute with material to the game dev. community so that they can bring their ideas to life.

I also have a great interest in ancient games since I believe that we can learn a lot from them. I am currently doing a digital reconstruction of the prehispanic game Patolli -in collaboration with other researchers and anthropologists.

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