Alien Driver - CDMX


Alien Driver is a game concept or short demo made at the LEIVA Workshop of the National Center for the Arts in Mexico City for an exhibition at the Multimedia Center on September 12, 2019.


You are an alien with serious problems to control your anger and your superiors decided to put you to the test. You have just been enrolled in the Alien Rehabilitation Program.

You will go to the campus that is located in one of the largest and most chaotic cities on planet Earth. Mexico City.

The Program has got you the perfect job so you can put your stress and anger management skills to use.

At the wheel of a scooter, you will work as a delivery man for a delivery service company.

This work will allow you to explore the corners of the city and get to know its inhabitants, but you must be careful with the demands of the orders because a poor rating of your service would mean a change to your unstable state of mind.

The Program will constantly be monitoring you to check your progress, if everything goes well, you may soon be able to return home.

My Role

I was in charge of game programming and production. I also used Unity 2019 and Wwise to implement and configure the game assets.

Project Details

  • Unity 2019

  • Audiokinetic Wwise


  • Grecia López Bernal

  • Eduardo Moyrón Candela

  • David Rivas Armas

  • Alejandro Sosa Carrillo


Eduardo Moyron C. - Game Developer