Dungeon Escape is a 2D platformer short-demo I made it with the online course in Udemy.com called - The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development with Unity.

I Learned

  • The TileMap tool

  • Palettes and Brushes

  • Animated Tiles

  • Parallax effect

  • Animations and Transitions

  • Triggers and Collisions

  • Layers and Tags

  • Camera Follow

  • Enemy AI

  • UI

  • HUD 

  • Cross Platform Input

  • Mobile Development

  • C# Programming

My Contributions

  • I crafted the level structure and placed the enemies, hazards and diamonds.

  • I added the sound effects wich they didn't came with the course assets.

  • I designed and implemented the mechanic where you have to buy the key and exit the level, adding UI elements and triggers.

Project Details

  • Made with Unity 2018

  • Soundtrack and SFX from Freesound.org

  • Assets from: The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development with Unity - Udemy.com

       Link: https://www.udemy.com/share/100c0CBUcfeF5WQ3g=/


Eduardo Moyron C. - Game Developer