Space Action Hero


Space Action Hero is a 2D Space Shooter short-demo, I made it with the online course in called - Create a Space Shoot 'Em Up With Unity by James Doyle

I Learned

  • Importing and Slicing Sprite Sheets

  • Animations and Transitions

  • Camera Movement and Restrictions

  • Scene Transitions

  • Particle Systems

  • Triggers and Collisions

  • 2D Physics

  • Layers and Tags

  • Enemy AI

  • Health display 

  • UI , Buttons, Sliders

  • C# Programming

  • Unity Default Scripting Methods

  • Animation Parameters and Events

  • Audio Source Implementation

  • Game Design and Game Balance

My Contributions

Configured all the parameters like player speed, enemy health, etc. for better gaming experience.

  • Implented the Level Index display and animation.

  • Configured and implemented Xbox One Controller inputs.

  • I crafted the Meteor and Boss Explosion particle systems.

  • I designed and crafted Animations for the Meteor, Texts, Buttons UI and Boss Damage.

Project Details

  • Made with Unity 2018

  • Assets from: Create a Space Shoot 'Em Up With Unity



Eduardo Moyron C. - Game Developer