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Game Projects

E-book & Online Course

There are endless resources for learning Game Design and development. However, they are all scattered and the amount of information available can be overwhelming. The goal of this e-book was to collect the most relevant information (20+ books), provide it in one document and make it available in the Spanish language 
-given that the majority of Game Design books have not yet been officially translated. Additionally, In this book I sought to provide new angles to understand Game Design -such is the case of the Thematic Model, which was proposed exclusively for this book.

This book also served me as a guide to create an online course for the online education platform

Currently the course has more than 200 students.

*If interested, contact me to receive a free copy of the e-book. 

Introducción al Diseño de Juegos - Portada.png

Game Design Workshop

I teached a Game Design Workshop for the National Center of Arts of Mexico and gave a talk about
Game Studies.


Digital Preservation of Ancient Games


Image of the game Patolli as it appears in the Florentine codex. (Sahagún, 1540--1585)

I am currently working on the digital reconstruction of the pre-hispanic game Patolli for my master's thesis on Digital Games from the University of Malta, detailing the process and challenges to contribute to the community of researchers interested in doing similar work.

This project is being carried out in collaboration with other researchers and anthropologist from the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) and with the participation of other members of the Autochthonous Games workshop -taught by the same institution, in Mexico.

The purpose is to preserve and spread this ancient game to current and future generations while mainting historical and cultural accuracy.


California Vaquero Museum

I designed and developed the interactive aplications for the California Vaquero Museum located in the little town of El Triunfo,in South Baja California, Mexico.

This project aimed for the preservation of the
vaquero traditions in Northern Mexico.

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